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April New Moon

The new moon heralds new beginnings, a fresh start and the world of seeds where infinite possibilities reign. Outside my door spring is doing her thing with buds pushing their way toward the sun and trees leafing out.

It's a wonder to observe the awakening of the natural world. We humans are a part of this natural cycle but it can be so easy to forget in the busy, busy of our lives.

I’m taking a moment to be grateful for the seed moments in my life. The new moon is a potent reminder that be coming is sacred space.

I took some time a to talk to George Smart of US Modernist Radio about my beloved Phil, architecture and my new recording Time Traveler.

At the time of the interview, I had only a vague idea of the CD’s release which we now know is May 21st.

or that I’d simultaneously be launching my podcast called Great Grief in collaboration with WUNC Radio in June.

Somehow within the last six weeks these heart projects have signaled their readiness to meet to world. I’m both humbled and grateful. April New Moon blessings stay tuned..

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