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It’s been a wild and wonderful spring!

My new album, Time Traveler, is climbing the charts and is #1 in vocal jazz on Amazon.

Time Traveler is available for download/streaming on all major platforms. And you can get the CD here!

Thank you Jazz radio for all the love and support!

Somebody posted “Wow, when you come back.. you come back big!”

Check out my interview with NPR's Weekend Edition!

Great Grief with Nnenna Freelon, my podcast collaboration with WUNC, is meeting the world June 4th.

We already have almost 700 subscribers pre-launch! My cup of gratitude is running over.

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Why is none of your music available on vinyl. I candidly think you are missing out on music people like me. I quit buying CD's long ago and the CD industry is giving way to streaming. However, vinyl is bigger than ever. Please consider releasing some of your beautiful music on vinyl - consider MOFI's "Original Master Recording." This is a platform where really serious vinyl enthusiast go. Almost everything they post sells out in a couple days.

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