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Time Traveler Album Reviews!

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"Her loving vocals soar above the clouds on the beautiful ballad "Just You" and she gives "Betcha By Golly Wow" a slight makeover, turning the this soulful classic into a modern jazz standard."


"After a decade away, the hands down award winner is back with a set that refashions old tunes through the lens of the grief and loss she's gone through while she's been away from us. You want a sample? Dionne Warwick never took Bacharach/David to church like this! Especially on a signature song. A strong statement throughout about loss that doesn't hit the listener as a downer, this is a certified solid artist come roaring back to the top and doing it from the heart. Hot stuff."


"Freelon reimagines a number of standards and soul classics, with each track representing a commentary on space and time, including cherished memories of the past, the demands of life in the present, and thoughts on the afterlife."

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